Sunday 5:40 A.M. April 10th in 2005. 31students and 3 teachers had a date in front of NSSH. The naughty dawn pat the travelers’ spirits freshly and coolly, seemed giving us the last feelings of Taiwan, bring it to China.

  After several hours, the plane arrived in our goal--北京 airport. Although light is faster than sound, my first impression of China, is not that beautiful scenery, but the strange accent with “er” sound after every word they say. Just like Taiwan straits, the “er” sound forced us to rip the same culture. Why are there two kinds of language between the same people?

  The purpose of our trip is history. Actuality, there is nothing there except history. Reaching the grave of the emperor, watching the holy man who had been all-powerful, after they died, who is not just smoke and dust? Stepping on the same land that the passing visitor of history had been step on, watching the proof that time had been existent. What is been thinking inside the mind? The whys and wherefores, how many people do know the blood and tear behind the hole? How many people do know the sad and bitter behind the wall? Might as well, after all, souvenirs are more substantial then death people and old, shabby building.

  After coming back from 北京, the only thing that I had learned is: “IT IS SO GOOD THAT I CAN BE IN TAIWAN!”


扶搖 子

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